The Perverted Business Woman

Sarah Stern has had a very concerning conversation with the Head of Human Resources. It seems that a complaint of sexual harassment has been made against her secretary Willow. The complainant is not sure whether she wants to go down the official route as she knows that this will result in Willow being dismissed but she does want the unwanted attentions to stop. Worse still it seems that when she rebuffed Willow that she was sent nasty and salacious texts.

Mrs Stern has spoken to other staff members who have also been subjected to sexual overtures from young Willow. She is a very attractive girl but this does not mean she should be allowed to fondle and touch other staff members. She also can be quite nasty if her affections are rebuked. This is no way for a fully grown woman to act so to try and prove a point Sarah is going to try and curb this behaviour using a rather old fashioned technique. Willow will be subjected to spankings, canings, cornertime and a whole lot more of humiliation from Mommy Sarah.

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