Grandad Lays Down The Law

Amanda has been acting up again and Grandad has a plan of action being the strict disciplinarian he is. He loves her dearly and can’t abide his beloved Granddaughter falling into bad ways. Amanda is to report to him at allotted times and receive a spanking in the style of his choice. The objective being to turn her into a well behaved young lady. There’s no time like the present! Amanda squeals in shock at Grandad’s mega-fast hand spanking. He slows down a little but warns her she is still to receive a hundred. Amanda’s bottom is now the colour of her suspender belt! She knows this is for her own good but didn’t expect it to feel like this! Just when she thought it over, Grandad drops the bombshell that she is to receive twenty VERY hard ones whilst laying on the bed. She stands up to inspect her bottom and is shocked to see such redness and bruising. Then Grandad instructs Amanda to bend over the foot of the bed so that she can receive twenty with the round ended leather crop. She gasps and jumps her way through the strokes, saying that her legs are shaking. “This will stop me sitting down to do my homework!” she exclaims, but Grandad wasn’t born yesterday and such statements wont get her out of this punishment!

The Punishment Club