Miss Lee Gets Leathered

Mr Johnson summons Alice Lee to the classroom for misbehaving. He notices she is wearing the incorrect uniform, as always, and instructs her to stand against the wall with hands on her head whilst he gives her a dressing down. Instructing her to bend over his knee. He tells her that if she had worn regulation shoes she would have no problem. Lesson learned! He spanks her bottom hard then tells her to get up and face the wall whilst he goes to fetch his black leather paddle. Miss Lee is yelping as Mr Johnson slaps her bottom hard with his hand. He instructs her to write on the blackboard: ‘I must learn to act like a lady’ over and over again.

The cane is hanging over the edge of the board as a cruel reminder of what is to follow. First comes the plimsoll. As he slippers her bottom she counts. He then takes the cane in his hand. He swooshes the cane through the air and Alice jumps with apprehension. After a couple of strokes Alice loses her focus. She says the pain is stopping her remembering to count. He only gives her eight strokes because he’s in a kind mood, but warns Alice that if she doesn’t learn to behave, she will receive many more in future. Another good hand spanking finishes her off.

The Punishment Club