Biscuits and Bruises

Amanda is a naughty little minx, pushing her luck at bed time as usual. Her long suffering Father is trying to read the newspaper in the living room and the poor man can’t get a minutes peace. Shouting from her bedroom she says that she wants a biscuit and a glass of water and wont shut up, when when her Dad threatens to spank her. He brings her a glass of water and she is still being cheeky. Eventually he drags her out of the bed, flips her over on the bed, onto her belly, pulls down her panties and spanks her very hard until she is complaining and crying. It jolly well serves her right! Her Daddy then takes the wooden handled leather strap to her bare backside. “It’s excruciating, Dad!” she whines, but it’s just tough luck! There is one thing, however, that does stop naughty girls playing up… and that’s the cane (as we will find out)!

The Punishment Club