The Captain of the Netball team was accused of lack of motivation and had failed to win the trophy for the Headmistress. “Winning’s the thing” said Miss Hastings and as captain she was responsible. Needless to say she would be beaten and sure enough was very quickly over the bench for “a jolly good warm-up spanking”. The Head peeled down her tight white panties to expose her divine bare bottom and spanked it red hot.

Warmed now, she cracked the leather paddle across the girl’s magnificent bottom, the sound reverberating off the walls in a most satisfying manner. When she upped to the 3-tail tawse the poor girl was making the most pathetic whimpers as each stroke scorched her arse. In full swing now the Head gave her a sound caning, drawing gasps with each unmerciful stroke. The girl promised to improve the performance of the netball team.