Exclusive spa owner Earl Grey can’t believe his luck when manager Belinda Lawson and top therapist Helen Stephens suggest giving them a spanking after upsetting a valued customer in Spa Rules. Earl decides to deliver a stinging ping pong paddle to Helen’s bare bottom: “That thing burns, it really stings!” said Helen. Booty bouncing slow-mo!

Earl Grey investigates fake invoices and odd supplier payments with his spa manager, Belinda Lawson. When he doesn’t get the answers he wants, Belinda’s bare bottom is swiftly spanked to encourage her to tell what she knows in Spa Rules. Lying over Mr Grey’s knee, jutting buttocks bouncing, Belinda is watched nervously by Helen Stephen. Urged on by Helen, Mr Grey delivers an extended spanking. ” I had to use both hands,” he confessed. “Her bottom wore out one hand as it was such a long spanking!”