An Appointment For Laura Jenkins

Featuring Dublin O’Brien

Duty Punishment Office Helen Croft is on patrol and walks in on Jenkins fiddling with herself and gets her hands strapped for that, despite Jenkins protests. Not satisfied, she was put over the horse for a severe spanking on the bare until her cheeks were bright pink. This was Jenkin’s first time in trouble and Miss Croft was determined to make sure it would be her last. With stool in place, Jenkins is over Miss’ knee for another harsh spanking before being told to kneel on the horse for a thorough caning. The following school term we find Jenkins once again in front of Miss Croft. After a hand strapping, Jenkins is once again over the Officer’s knee for a spanking and strapping over the bare. Now with school uniform off, Jenkins is told to kneel on the horse for further strapping followed by the cane where Jenkins gasps with every stroke. Miss decides to have a break for a well earned cuppa while Jenkins is made to wait exactly where she is….

The Punishment Club