The Lesbian Lovers

Part Two of Red Hot Punishment on a Red Hot Afternoon

Featuring Sally Cavender, Stephanie and Steve Vickers

Still aching from the spanking and caning she received for not preparing breakfast for her husband Sally decides to spend the rest of the day sunbathing. As she is soaking up the sun her friend Stephanie unexpectedly pops over for a chat and joins her in the sun. Sally tells her all that has happened and how she was spanked and caned by her horrible husband. Stephanie say’s that she doesn’t deserve the pig and begins making advances to her friend.

The girls go to Sally’s bedroom for some girlie girlie lesbian fun and games. During their love making Sally begins to gently spank Stephanie’s bottom and gradually increases the severity and also uses a nasty strap. The spanking continues until Steve arrives home unexpectedly

The Punishment Club