Christmas Party Problems

Maddy is Kitty’s big sister who looks out for her when their mother is away on business– something that happens quite regularly. She took Kitty with her to her office’s company party in hopes that Kitty would network and get to know some of the people in the office. It seemed like a good chance to make a positive impression, since Kitty will be leaving school soon. Unfortunately, Kitty had more than a few too many beers and got out of hand. She was noticeably tipsy and when she took to the dance floor her move were…not exactly the kind of dancing one does at a company party! 

Maddy was so embarrassed by Kitty’s behavior, so she dragged her straight home. Before she could even change out of her delicate little party dress and her oh-so-grown-up feeling stockings, a still silly Kitty is read the riot act by her irate sister before being turned over her knee for a hard spanking and a firm dose of the hairbrush.

Maddy, in her first role for us as a Top, lectures and scolds like none other, and she spanks her little sister to real tears. Kitty will keep her holiday spirit under control next time, or so we hope.