Real Live Spanking

Wicked Whippings Live, Discipline And Punishment

…and that’s what the first half of our may 2000 show is all about, punishment and discipline!  Playing the part of Mandy our new girl KaraJayne is spanked and thrashed with the cane by her headmaster Mr Barton, for playing truant – and boy does our new girl get her bottom caned hard, leaving her striped and swollen from the cane’s unforgiving bite. Today must have been Mr Barton’s lucky day for he has just dismissed a sobbing Mandy when to his surprise two ravishing schoolgirls enter Tinkerbelle, played by Lesley, and, Julie, played by the stunning Samantha Johnson. The headmaster is bemused! The girls left his school two years ago – so why are they now in his office? They have returned because they miss having their bottoms warmed. And does Mr Barton oblige them? He certainly does with a most vigorous and energetic application of swishy, stingy rattan to their bare nubile bottoms. Next up is punishment with a medical theme. Sister Ellis, played by Kane favourite, Sue Ellis, is given a severe whacking by Dr Stitchum because her nurses, nurse Trumper, Sarah and nurse Belcher, Brandi, administered an enema to a patient when all he was in for was oral surgery. Sister Ellis calls the two nurses to her office where the two mischievous girls are subjected to a remedial dose of the strap and cane from her. Then it’s back for more schoolgirl discipline of spanking, strapping and caning with Jenny, (Samantha) June (Lesley) and the stern headmistress, Miss Sanger, who is played by Sarah, and all because of a packet of crisps!

Continuing our schoolgirl theme we return to miss sanger’s classroom for even more schoolgirl whackings, but this time miss sanger is given a taste of her own medicine by jenny’s irate father who shows that she is not the only one who knows how to use a swishy wand to good effect. Mike hunt is totally peeved at the loss of his spanking date – the salesgirl, Sue Ellis, on the perfume counter at Brace Brothers, assured him that the aftershave she had recommended would have the girls falling at his feet. Oh yeah – so why did his girlfriend storm off saying that he smelt of cats piss! Fuming that he’s had no spanking fun, mike returns to Brace Brothers with the offending stink. ‘It smells fine to me’ says the grinning sales girl who turns her face away from Mike and pulls a face at the disgusting aroma. Cats piss – taking the piss more like – Mike then sees the display of hairbrushes, and like all spankers he knows what else they can be used for reddening bare bottoms. It’s no fun going for a job interview and being turned down. It’s even more infuriating if public transport makes you late, but when you don’t even get to go because your wife’s found an old school chum whilst out shopping and goes for lunch with her forgetting to bring the car back on time. Yes, wifey’s skirt goes up, knickers are taken down and her bare bum is blistered – but what if her friend objected to you spanking your wife? We knew you’d agree, again it’s skirt up, knickers down and blistered bum number two. Then it’s “cabaret time” if I were not upon the stage something else I’d like to be, if I were not upon the stage a spanker I would be – with a tuche tickling, rear reddening, bum burning assortment of arse whacking implements applied to a bevy of beautiful blushing bottoms. What better way to finish the day.