St. Teresa’s School for Girls

Little Liars Get Punished

Featuring the UK’s top glamour model Teresa May as the headmistress Miss Jones

Sam Johnson as Head Girl Sophie Sixsmith 

Elizabeth Simpson and Yvonne Waters as Georgina Springthorpe and Susan Pennington

Naughty schoolgirl is caned on her bare bottom by head girl Sophie Sixsmith

Miss Jones the headmistress arrives in class and asks the girls if all is well. Georgina Springthorpe and Susan Pennington complain that they were spanked and by the head girl for arriving late. The head girl Sophie denies spanking them and Miss Jones believes her and informs the miserable pair to report to her study later that day. On the way to the headmistresses study the girls pause on the stairs and inspect each others bottoms pointing out the stripes and bruises left by Sophie’s cane. Miss Jones isn’t impressed with the pair’s attitude and punishes them again. Miss Jones’ punishments are always bare bottom punishments and always very severe as both girls find out the hard way.