The Games Couples Play

Part Two – Game Set and Match

Featuring Sven von Vickershausen and Jean Bradley

Sven and his wife Jean have found a way to keep their marriage blissful. If she misbehaves or Sven decides his wife needs to disciplined for any reason whatsoever she bares her bottom for punishment. Even though Jean doesn’t like having her bare bottom walloped she often goes out of her way to ensure her cheeks are hot and sore.

Jean had noticed that her husband had been glued to the television watching Wimbledon even though he had no interest in tennis at all. She knew her lecherous husband only watched it to see the girls in short skirts, hoping to get a flash of their buttock flesh that was outside of their skimpy knickers. Jean couldn’t resist the temptation even though she knew it wouldn’t be balls that would get whacked she decided to dress in tennis whites to regain his attention.