Elori had been warned that if she was spanked or seriously disciplined at school one more time, her father would take matters into his own hands at home with a punishment she would never forget. The problem with Elori is that she doesn’t listen to anyone, her teachers, friends, or her parents. Daddy is so angry when he receives news that she had been spanked hard at school. The film starts in a POV style with Elori scolded and chastised, she is told she will be caned and caned like never before!

First though, daddy wants to see how badly her punishment was and he is shocked and upset seeing her still sore red bottom… He spanks her some more, knowing that this must hurt and it has been a long time since she went over his lap. She is crying out in pain but this is just the start of her ordeal as he bends her over the bed and uses 2 canes of differing thickness and density. This includes a rare smoked dragon cane that bites into her bottom leaving dark welts. 

The canings continue and Elori wriggles and squirms, she doesn’t keep as it hurts so much and she is caned further down her thighs to the top of her skirt line. Daddy places her flat on the bed, bottom out and finishes off the severe punishment with 6 more strokes of each cane across her bottom only, making sure these final 12 are mean get the message across! Elori is then left alone in her bedroom to reflect on her poor behavior, something she will remember for a very long time.