The Games Couples Play Domestic Discipline – Feature Length Video
Featuring Jean Bradley as the Wife and Sven von Vickershausen as the Husband

Sven and his wife Jean have found a way to keep their marriage blissful. If she misbehaves or Sven decides his wife needs to disciplined for any reason whatsoever she bares her bottom for punishment. Even though Jean doesn’t like having her bare bottom walloped she often goes out of her way to ensure her cheeks are hot and sore.

Part One – Dinner Service

Sven had just finished his evening meal when his wife walked in to clear the table dressed in a maid’s outfit. He had a feeling that it was going to be one of those nights as his dinner wasn’t up to his wife’s usual tastiness and his beans were stone cold. His wife might enjoy having her bottom bared and warmed with a gentle spanking but after serving him cold beans he was going to give her much more than that.

Part Two – Game Set and Match

Jean had noticed that her husband had been glued to the television watching Wimbledon even though he had no interest in tennis at all. She knew her lecherous husband only watched it to see the girls in short skirts, hoping to get a flash of their buttock flesh that was outside of their skimpy knickers. Jean couldn’t resist the temptation even though she knew it wouldn’t be balls that would get whacked she decided to dress in tennis whites to regain his attention.

Part Three – The Schoolgirl Wife

Jean knew her husband liked girls in school uniform as her best friend Tabatha told her that she saw him watching the girls at the local school. Although it took her a while to find a school uniform in her size she couldn’t wait to see what the effect would be on her husband and wondered if he would punish her with a caning on her bare bottom just like naughty schoolgirls used to get.

Part Four– The Naughty Nurse

Sven had suffered a sleepless night, complaining that he was all aches and pains. Thinking it would make him feel better Jean dressed in her skimpy nurses outfit and massaged his aching muscles. It wasn’t long though before Jean had some serious aches and pains of her own.

Bonus Feature included with the full length video

Jean Bradley’s Revenge

Sven awoke and was shocked to see his wife standing over him wearing a black leather dress, black knee high boots and flexing a wicked rattan cane.Surely he couldn’t be awake he must still be sleeping and having a nightmare but he was awake and his wife was standing over him. At the same time as playing his docile wife unbeknown to him she had been a professional mistress earning extra cash dominating and punishing men. Things were about to change in this household as her submissive nature had been replaced by her her dominate alter ego and it was now her turn to rule the roost. Today Sven was going to start the day with a hard bare bottom caning and he had better get used to it as this is how every day will begin in future.

The True Story

As reader’s of Kane Magazine and viewers of Top Marks Videos will know Sven has performed in many videos and photo-shoots having much fun spanking and caning the cute bottoms of many pretty girls such as Sam Johnson, Rachel Lloyd, Brigalla and Dublin O’Brien to name just a few. We thought it only fair that Sven should also be on the receiving end and devised a sneaky plan to let him know what the kiss of the cane on bare flesh feels like. We told him that the final scene of this video was The Wife’s Revenge and that he wouldn’t be caned hard, it was just for show.