Daughter Debbie Spanked

Debbie’s mother wasn’t impressed when her daughter brought home a letter from her headmaster. Debbie had been caught giving blow jobs to the boys behind the gym. Had it been in the days when corporal punishment had been permitted he would have caned her himself.

Her father was furious. His daughter had become a cheap slut. Debbie’s headmaster might not be allowed to punish his daughter physically but he certainly could and he would. Taking her across his knees he pulled down her knickers and gave her a good old fashioned bare bottom spanking. Debbie thought that for what she had done a spanking wasn’t so bad. It was then that she saw her father flexing his crook-handle cane. Debbie hated the cane as the pain when it slashed across her bum was awful and it left deep bruises for weeks.

Standing in the corner rubbing her sore bottom after receiving thirty-six strokes of the cane she knew she would never give blow jobs to the boys at school ever again. Why should she, when they had all the pleasure and all she got was the pain and she certainly didn’t want another caning that’s for sure.

The Games Schoolgirls Play Feature Length C.P. Video

 Starring: Sally Cavendar as Sarah and Jenifyer (Catherine Corbett) as Emily. Peter Cooper as Grandpa.

Sarah and Emily find a cane and it sparks off sexy fun. Sarah makes the mistake of saying Emily doesn’t have it in her to really use the cane – and Emily proves just how wrong Sarah is as she punishes her cruelly with straps, paddles, some OTK, and the dreaded cane. Of course Sarah has to have her revenge and the tables are turned, with Emily getting what she deserves in return. They make up with some kissing and just as they start to get carried away – in walks Grandpa! He spanks, straps, paddles, and canes the girls to teach them a lesson.