Problem Girls 2003

Part Four :  Samantha The Secretary Gets Caned

Featuring Sven Von Bickershausen as Marcus Wesley Jones, Rachel Lloyd as Debbie Wesley Jones, Therese as the bratty daughter Vicki, John Rundell as Marc’s boss Mr. Foxton and Monica as the secretary.

Mr. Foxton’s secretary enthralled and seeing Debbie get her bare bottom spanked and caned says to her boss that she probably deserved her punishment. Much to her dismay Mr. Foxton snaps at her saying recently her standard of work leaves a lot to be desired and that she could do with the same and that Marcus is the one to do it. Samantha is told to get up and take her knickers down. The poor secretary wishes she’d kept her mouth shut as she is spanked and caned in front of her boss and Mrs. Wesley Jones.