On an expensive week long school field trip paid for by the parents, Violet and Veronica have told an elaborate lie to cover up the fact that they have plans of their own. They want to explore the town they are in away from prying teachers eyes… treating it more as a vacation. The girls find the organized trips all rather boring. Faking an illness is not new, so the school nurse is asked to assess both their sudden claims. This is where the film starts, as the nurse puts on her latex gloves, they will take a rectal temperature taking at the same time. Two girls tested side by side will also be punished side by side if she believes them to be lying.

The nurse has given them plenty of chances to back down but they bluff it out hoping that they can fool her and the teaching staff. They must be desperate to take this humiliating rectal temperature taking, as the thermometers enter their puckered holes both girls regret taking it this far. As expected, they are in perfect health with no fever and their deception is complete. Nurse Samantha scolds the girls and spanks them on their bare exposed bottoms in turn. This film has many fantastic facial reactions and close up rear view action so some scenes are played out in full showing both scenes for your viewing satisfaction. The girls are also given the leather paddle as well as a spanking to teach them a lesson in honesty. They won’t be exploring the town on their own after all!